Matthew Dahlitz

Coach | Entrepreneur | Consultant | Strategist | Writer | Speaker | Psychotherapist

The Well Developed Entrepreneur

Brain Savvy Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Matthew brings together an understanding of technology, future trends, psychology and human nature to help you in your  entrepreneurial journey.



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The Well Developed Team & Community

The Brain Savvy Consulting For Highly Effective Cultures and Strategies for Teams, Organisations and Communities.

Matthew brings together his understanding of psychology, technology and innovation to consult teams, organizations, and communities for better strategies and future-proofing.

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Age of Robots Magazine

Technology | Society | Psychology

Matthew is the Editor-in-Chief of the Age of Robots Magazine that reports on the technology of the Second Machine Age and its impact on our society and psychology.The magazine features the science and technology of machine learning and embodied autonomous neural systems, advances in artificial software and hardware devices, machines, interfaces, robots, and the impact such systems are having in our lives.


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The Neuropsychotherapist

The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy

Matthew is the Editor-in-Chief of The Neuropsychotherapist – the quintessential publication bridging the gap between science and the practice of psychotherapy for mental health professionals.




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The Well Developed Mind

Everyday Therapy

Matthew is a PACFA registered psychotherapist. He operates a private practice with a focus on brain-based therapy.





Casual Entrepreneurs

Chats over coffee about what we are learning about the world, business, and ourselves. No hype, just real conversation that we hope will be helpful for your journey.

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Compositions & Experimentations in Music

Using gematria and transliteration of scripture, to scoring for film, these are Matthew’s musical experiments…


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Face-to-face  in Brisbane, Australia.


Counselling online where distance is an issue.


Collaborating with organizations and professionals.

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