Matthew Dahlitz

Interdisciplinary Solutionist

Revealing problems and discovering solutions

individually, relationally, and corporately.

Matthew as consultantCase Studies

The Science of Psychotherapy Podcast

The latest science from leading experts in neuroscience, psychology and psychotherapy. Hosted by the editor of The Neuropsychotherapist!


Dahlitz Media + Perfekt Studios

Dahlitz Media and Perfekt Studios Join forces to bring you engaging media to promote your business.

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Helping you gain clarity in your business and life through 3 lenses of your mental operating system, your financial health and your physical health.

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The Psychotherapist's Essential Guide to the Brain

This new book brings together the essentials psychotherapists and counselors should know about the brain in easy to understand language and captivating images.

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The Neuropsychotherapist

The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy

Matthew is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Neuropsychotherapist – the quintessential publication bridging the gap between science and the practice of psychotherapy for mental health professionals. Brain science is complex and hard to grasp. We explain the science for clinical practitioners so they can be more brain-savvy, effective, and in-demand.

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Age of Robots Magazine

Technology | Society | Psychology

Matthew is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Age of Robots Magazine Few people really understand how technology is dramatically changing their future. We keep you informed and educated so you can better anticipate tomorrow.

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Order & Chaos

Roundup of all the science being published by the Dahlitz Media consortium

This is an eclectic roundup of science, technology, business and psychology topics from Age of Robots, The Science of Psychotherapy, The Neuropsychotherapist magazine, The Well Developed Mind, Dahlitz Media Lab, Safineia, and affiliated projects.


The Well Developed Entrepreneur

Brain Savvy Coaching

Matthew brings together an understanding of technology, future trends, psychology and human nature to help you in your  entrepreneurial journey.

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The Well Developed Team & Community

The Brain Savvy Consulting For Highly Effective Cultures and Strategies for Teams, Organisations and Communities.

Matthew brings together his understanding of psychology, technology and innovation to consult teams, organizations, and communities for better strategies and future-proofing.

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Dahlitz Media Lab

Experimenting with real live entrepreneurial ventures to demonstrate & prove concepts such as:

  • Product development & delivery
  • Marketing
  • Scaling
  • Teamwork
  • Mindset
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Casual Entrepreneurs

Chats over coffee with an individual or intensive group workshops, Casual Entrepreneurs is a master mind experience to bounce ideas and learn new and better ways of doing business and life. No hype, just real conversations about practical matters to help you on your journey.

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