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The Excellent Classroom

Teaching with Neurobiology in Mind

The Excellent Classroom

Full-Day PD Workshop for Teachers


This cutting-edge workshop will bring the latest neuroscience and psychology into your teaching approach to assist you in facilitating a more effective learning environment for your students and to bring the joy back into your career!

In this workshop we will provide answers on topics such as…

  • Empowering students: Strategies to engage and motivate students, shifting ownership and responsibility of learning from the teacher to the student.
  • ‘I won’t and you can’t make me’: Who’s manipulating whom? Evaluating student behaviours from a neuroscience perspective, effective boundaries, positive discipline techniques, and strategies to restore calm in volatile situations.
  • Sticks and Stones: Resilience strategies for bullied students and greater awareness for perpetrators from a neuroscience perspective.
  • Every classroom is a kaleidoscope: Dealing with the many emotional needs of students including the stressed and anxious, the academically challenged, multicultural diversities, the loner, the perfectionist, and those who crave attention.
  • Dreaded parent–teacher interviews: Understanding and successfully managing parents who are antagonistic and hostile, critical, overprotective, and demanding.
  • Homework battles and learning barriers: Student motivation, fostering positive learning attitudes, the neuroscience behind memory, and blocks to effective learning.
  • Standardised Testing: Strategies to overcome anxiety and improve test scores.
  • Practical strategies: Maintaining optimum teaching ability, enjoyment in the classroom, and promoting student well-being.
  • We cater our PD day on a school-by-school basis – contact us for more details.
  • Minimum number of participants for our PD day is 10.

Pricing & What We Offer


  • Minimum 10 people – $150/person
  • 11-20 people – $120/person
  • 21-30 people – $100/person
  • 31-40+ people – $80/person

The PD day includes:

  • Full day PD teaching  (8.30am – 3.30pm – or more suitable time negotiated by school and presenters)
  • Two specialised presenters (Matthew & Karen)
  • Morning and afternoon tea if requested
  • Workshop materials, session notes and extras

To keep costs at a minimum we ask you to provide:

  • The space to hold as many of your staff as you anticipate will be attending
  • Overhead projector and screen that we can utilise for our power point presentations

Contact us for more information

15 + 12 =

The Presenters

Presenter Karen Ferry has over 30 years of teaching experience in primary and secondary classrooms. She is a Master of Counselling candidate at the University of Queensland with a foundation in neuropsychotherapy. Her passion is for the classroom to be not only an effective learning environment but a place where teachers and students have fun and thrive to their fullest potential.

Presenter Matthew Dahlitz is a psychotherapist in private practice. He is editor of a number of publications focusing on a brain-based understanding of human behaviour and a specialist on neuroscience-informed therapy. Matthew has a passion to see the school environment become as nurturing and safe as possible in order to produce a strong, creative, and well-adjusted generation.

The day will be broken up into 4 sections:

Brain Science For the Classroom

  • Why do teachers need to know brain science?
  • Brains in the classroom
  • The basic psychological needs

The Social Brain

  • Wired to connect
  • The power of tribe
  • The secret of influence


  • Stress defined and the neurochemical process
  • Thresholds of tolerance
  • Effectively modulating stress

Attunement: Powerful Connection

  • Connecting right-brain to right-brain
  • Issues of the heart
  • You are an attachment figure!

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