Perfekt Marketing

Dahlitz Media and Perfekt Studios turn your marketing into effective cinematic experiences


Dahlitz Media in association with Perfekt Studios delivers long-form cinematic story telling to market your brand.

How Are We Different?

We direct, shoot and edit our videos with your client’s

basic psychological needs in mind to create

deep brand awareness.

We all are motivated by unconscious psychological drivers of orientation, control, attachment and the avoidance of pain and/or the increase of pleasure — all of which emerge as our self esteem. By tailoring your marketing efforts to address these psychological needs and provide an emotional connection with your potential clients through the script, edit, music and cinematic style, you will have increased the likelihood that people will remember you in a favorable way.

This is what we do. Tell stories that connect people though an understanding of psychology, neuroscience, and cinematic video production.

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