Testing You

Testing your mental, financial, and physical health

We take you through an assessment of your mental operating system, your financial status, and your physical health to highlight the areas we can help you improve. They are interdependent areas of your life and improvement in any one of these areas will have a positive impact on the others.

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5 Weeks of Clarity

A Self-Discovery Journey

Take a 5 week journey to discover your dreams, what motivates you, what makes you come alive, and what to do about it.

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Face-to-face personalised coaching

Our MasterMind service gives you personalised and face-to-face coaching from an array of experts in mind, finance, and health to give you the leading edge in business and life.

  • Exclusive access to our experts in both group and individual sessions from anywhere on the planet.
  • Personalised strategic planning for you personally, and for your team.
  • Limited, invitation-only, access.
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Understanding Your Brain’s Operating System

You run on an unconscious operating system, just like the hidden operating system on your computer. We take you through a “User’s Guide”  for your operating system and how to optimise it for business and life.

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Safineia events to unlock your potential

Free and paid live events to help you gain clarity and unlock the potential of your business and your life.


Startup Essentials

Wisdom for new businesses


  • Prelaunch flight checklists
  • Financial basics
  • Launching
  • Staying aloft during stage one burn
  • Stage two ignition and capacity to grow
  • Staying in orbit
  • Going to Mars
Coming Soon

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*Premium aspects of the Safineia program are limited and by invitation only – there may be a waiting period for some personalised components of the program.

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