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Matthew comes from an academic and professional background of psychology, neuroscience and entrepreneurship. He understands what drives behavior and what causes blockades and plateaus in peoples lives and businesses. Using the 5 key psychological needs, Matthew unlocks the secrets of your brain’s operating system so you can rewrite code to reach your full potential in business and in life.

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1. Clarity

To have clarity is to be orientated – it is a fundamental psychological need that can cause anxiety and chaos if not satisfied. We need to know who we are, where we are going, what we are doing and what’s our place in the world – the greater the clarity we have the better we will be.

Matthew explains what this part of your operating system is all about and how to maximize clarity in your life and business.

2. Options

Freedom is about having options, so is having a sense of control – control over your work, relationships, environment. When options increase we have a greater sense of control and we operate more creatively and effectively.

Matthew shows you how the perception that you have little control, that there are few options open to you can be stopping or slowing your business and your effectiveness as a business owner and entrepreneur, and what to do about it.

3. Relationships

Business is relationships – whichever way you look at it. Understanding how we, our staff and customers are wired for relationships is crucial for success. The core of relationships, the need for attachment, drives us from the very core of our operating system.

Matthew is a relationship expert and can step you through the way your operating system deals with people, be it your staff, customers or family.

4. Pleasure

The maximizing of pleasure and the minimizing of pain is a major concern for our operating systems. There are many subtle and subconscious calculations going on under the surface of every decision you make, and much of it is driven by the need to increase pleasure and avoid pain.

Matthew can uncover some of the subtle ways we can get stuck, roadblocked or plateaued because of this very powerful part of our operating system.

5. Self-esteem

Self-esteem enhancement is what all of the effort of the above parts of our operating system equate to. We want to know that we are valued and that we are making a mark – we want to increase our sense of self-esteem.

Matthew can help you identify the areas of self-esteem that may be hindering you from reaching your full potential in business and life.

The next level in your entrepreneurial journey can be hindered by difficulties in relationships, creativity, technology, and your own personal challenges. Matthew brings together all of these areas in a unique synergy to pinpoint and find solutions with you and your team.

An objective, interdisciplinary perspective can be the elusive key to unlocking more potential for you and your business.

Please email me at matt(@) (you’ll need to take the brackets out of the address), or use the contact form below.

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