The Well Developed Entrepreneur

Brain Savvy Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Mental Fitness

Learn how to optimise you effectiveness as an entrepreneur by understanding how your brain works and what your primary psychological needs are.

Matthew is a registered psychotherapist and Editor-in-Chief of The Neuropsychotherapist, a publication to help psychotherapists understand the latest neuroscience and apply it to their practice. He has a keen understanding of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and the unique mental challenges that come with the call.




Physical Health

You need a healthy body to support an active and creative mind. Learn about the physiological parameters of highly effective people and how to optimise your own lifestyle to support your entrepreneurial pursuits.

Matthew has a medical background, having been an advanced care paramedic, and combines this with his other studies in neuroscience and psychology to give you a holistic approach to your health and wellness.

Being A Creative

Creativity is the bedrock for the entrepreneur—learn how to generate and expand the creativity and creative energy you need for your entrepreneurial quests.
Matthew has studied music at the University of Queensland and the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, with a degree in music technology and has studied composition at masters level at the Conservatorium. He has scored for film, produced music in the pop/rock genre, and published his own music based on a unique “transliteration” technique he has developed. He understands the demands and needs of creatives and coaches accordingly.


Marketing Savvy

Having good ideas and good products is only part of the entrepreneurial journey. Learn how to brand yourself, your products and build a customer base that becomes a community of advocates.

Matthew has studied the strategies of personal branding and building a customer base and can help you on your journey toward building a better brand. WDE Blog

An entrepreneur is someone who has a great idea, an idea that solves a problem people have, can raise capital to make that idea a product, market it, and build a customer base. An entrepreneur takes risks to make a profit, and a good entrepreneur knows how to take calculated risks.

I can’t come up with the great idea that will solve a problem for your future customer base, but I can help you navigate the many personal and interpersonal challenges that come with the territory of being an entrepreneur.

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