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Wisdom and tips for everyday mental well being and navigating life by Matthew Dahlitz. If you need personal coaching or therapy, wherever you are in the world, please contact me here.

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Stress is Killing Us!

If you are like most people you are under stress—stress at work, stress at home, stressed by finances, relationships, lack of time—stress is everywhere. It's something that has become a normal part of life we probably don't consider it a serious health problem. But it...

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I owe a lot to what researcher Brené Brown has brought to light in her studies of human nature. It is from Brown that I am constantly orientating couples in therapy to be connected in a way that each feels "seen, heard, and valued, without judgment, and drawing energy...

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Change Your Story

The stories we tell ourselves about our circumstance, who we are, what's happening to us, what we expect, follow well-worn neural paths and reinforces these paths every time we rehearse them. It's all part of a state called consistency—mental/neural consistency. Our...

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Stop. Breathe

I'm always amazed at how effective this simple directive can be: Just stop... and breathe. Sounds too simple right? Just stop and breathe! Sometimes I can almost hear my client's thinking, "I'm paying this guy to tell me to breathe?" But there's much more to the...

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Caffeine and Anxiety

Many people reach for a coffee or caffeinated energy drink when they need an energy boost or need to continue on working when their body is telling them it’s time to rest. The energy release can keep you alert till knock off time or jump-start your day, but there can...

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