Your Story

Wonderfully Made

Your life is a complex story of experiences, thoughts and feelings lived through the very uniqueness of you. Whatever you are going through, I believe you have the capacity to not only survive, but to thrive if given the right opportunities. As a psalmist once said, we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. A sentiment that is only now being fully realised through modern neuroscience and other disciplines that are revealing the awesome complexity and wisdom of our physical beings. Our nervous system has an incredible ability to change, to heal,  to grow, and without drugs or physical intervention. The power of talking therapy, of the special relationship between therapist and client, can stimulate positive change even to the re-wiring of neural networks and balancing of chemical actions in our bodies. 

There are keys to the reasons why you are the way you are today. These keys are found in the basic “operating system” of your brain, shaped by your genetics and your experience. Whatever you are going through I would like to explore your unique story, walk with you, and help you find the inner capacity you have to thrive.


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