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Workshops and Consultations

The Well Developed Team: The Brain Savvy Leader’s Guide to Creating Highly Effective Cultures and Strategies for Team and Organisations. In this series of presentations, workshops and consultations I cover critical topics from a brain-based understanding of communication and relationships in organisations.The course has been designed primarily for leadership to build effective cultures and teams where people love to come to work and give their absolute best. Founded on a contemporary understanding of neuroscience and how people are wired to thrive, I have formulated a set of practical strategies to optimise the workplace, be it a community organisation, a family business or a large corporation.¬†Learn more…

The Well Developed Entrepreneur. This consultation process is a one-on-one personalised series of sessions that may or may not work in conjunction with team and leadership workshops. Totally customised to your unique goals and circumstances, The Well Developed Entrepreneur is your business/personal coaching for mental and physical health, creativity and marketing savvy. ¬†Learn more…


The Neuropsychotherapist

Magazine, Website, and peer reviewed journal make up the platform created to inform psychotherapists about the latest in neuroscience, and more, to enhance their practice.

This is the home of the monthly eMagazine The Neuropsychotherapist and the International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy, both created to bring together the related disciplines of biological sciences that best inform counselling and psychotherapy. In addition to the magazine and journal there are other incidental blogs, videos, and articles.

The Neuropsychotherapy Institute

The Neuropsychotherapy Institute learning platform has been created for psychotherapists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals, to educate them in the new paradigm of neuropsychotherapy for more effective clinical practice.

Neuropsychotherapy is a multidisciplinary perspective on mental well-being that looks to neuroscience and other related fields of human biology and psychology to enhance the clinical practice of talking therapies. The Neuropsychotherapy Institute will provide you with a sound foundational understanding of the neurobiology of mental life and how that knowledge can inform psychotherapy and increase the effectiveness of your practice. The Institute offers courses on a Continuing Education or Professional Development credit basis* as each unit keeps you up-to-date with the latest science and practice of psychotherapy.

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