Medibank Private rebates for counselling

Medibank Private members with appropriate policies may be eligible for rebates for my counselling services as a PACFA registered clinician.

  • Provider: Matthew Dahlitz
  • Provider Number: 1194141B
  • Trading Address: Shop 1a 3376 Mount Lindesay Highway, Regents Park, QLD, 4118

What counselling and psychotherapy services are covered?
PACFA’s Agreement with Medibank Private covers “counselling”. This is a generic term and covers any type of counselling or psychotherapy provided by the Provider. It is important that your invoice or receipt says “counselling” and includes the Item Number for counselling (BOCN).
Does my policy allow me to access rebate for counselling?
Only Medibank Private members with specific policies are eligible for counselling rebates. To make a claim, members must have a policy with the package bonus feature. The following Medibank Private products include package bonuses that can be used for counselling:

  • PremierPlus, AdvantagePlus, Smartplus, HealthyPlus or their VIP corporate equivalents. These policies are no longer available for purchase but approximately 1.6 million existing policy holders still have these policies.
  • Family Essentials
  • Family Comprehensive

Members may need to check that they have not already used their package bonus for other services. You can do this by asking Medibank Private for a printout of your claim history.
Can I switch to a new Medibank Private policy to get counselling rebates?
Yes. The following products launched in 2013 include package bonuses which can be used to claim rebates for counselling:

  • Family Essentials
  • Family Comprehensive

Switching is easy. You should contact Medibank Private by phone or at a retail centre to switch.
How do I make a claim?
If you are eligible to make a claim for counselling, you can submit your claim in two

  1. Make you claim in person at any Medibank Private retail outlet. When making a claim in person, you should say “I want to use my package bonus”.
  2. Send in your claim via post to:

Medibank Private
Medical and Extras Claims
GPO Box 2984
Melbourne, VIC 3001

You can use the following form: claimform

*IMPORTANT: Use the Medical & Extras Claim Form. In question 2 put a cross in the box “I’m claiming a bonus”.
Online claims for package bonuses are not available.
What should I do if I have a problem claiming?

  • Ask to speak to the Manager at the retail outlet where you are trying to make a claim. Say you want to use your package bonus to claim for counselling and that your invoice includes the Item Number for counselling.
  • Send you claim in via post. Make sure you use the correct claim form, as detailed above.
  • Make a complaint by contacting the Medibank Private Call Centre on 134 190.
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