Introduction to The Well Developed Team

The Best Way To Use This Course

This course has been designed as a companion to one-on-one and group consulting work with managers and teams. It can, however, be used as a stand-alone instructional course for those where personal consulting is not logistically possible.

The course is modular and you are free to jump around to different parts that seem immediately relevant, but I would encourage you to work thorough the course from start to finish as best you can. There are principles that are introduced in the first 3 sections that provide much of the theory for the more practical aspects in the last 3 sections.

I have kept the video material very modular and short, understanding that you may very well be time-poor and you are likely to watch a short few minutes of video than commit to a lengthy session. So I’ll feed you the information in bite sized pieces and hopefully not overwhelm you.

Putting things into practice right away is so important when we are learning something new—you reinforce and retain the material and are less likely to have to go back over the text, audio or video again and again. For this reason I have “Actionable Exercises” at the end of each section. If I’m your consultant I’ll be using these exercises as a focal point to workshop the ideas and consolidate the learning. If you are doing this course on your own or with your managers or team, then please treat these actionable exercises as the most valuable part of the course—because this really is where you will get the most value out of the theory you are learning and can experiment in your unique work culture.